Hydro Testing - Every 12 years!

In order to verify the integrity of extinguisher canisters, NFPA recommends performing a Hydro Test every 12 years of an extinguisher's life.   High pressure is involved, therefore this testing must be performed offsite.  A loaner will be given to you during the testing period.  

Need help dealing with an older extinguisher?

Every six years extinguishers should undergo an in depth inspection and servicing.  During this inspection your extinguisher is dismantled, cleaned, inspected for general wear and tear, and recharged.  Dysfunctional parts will be replaced at an extra charge. Extinguisher servicing is performed same day with equipment transported directly to you via one of our service vehicles.

Low Pressure Problem?

If the pressure gauge on your extinguisher reads below the green line, then a recharge could be all you need.  Contact us to schedule service.   

Need to schedule an appointment for an annual extinguisher inspection?

All inspections are performed in a professional, courteous, and thorough manner.  Contact us to schedule a visit.

Need to buy a new Extinguisher? Let us help!   

As a distributor of Buckeye Extinguishers, selling to individuals is just as important to us as selling to businesses and property management groups.  Whether you need one, or one hundred, feel free to contact us by email or phone (303.682.0113) for a quote.

Hydro Testing

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